Radio frequency treatment is one of the best technologies currently available for non-invasive, non-surgical, skin tightening and cellulite removal.

Radio frequency therapies are used in aesthetic treatments as a way to deliver intense heat to tissue that is deeper than the epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin) with aims to boost collagen production, circulation and (optionally, depending on treatment depth) fat release from those tissues.


The process of radio frequency  treatment is based on the concept of using high frequency electric current (300kHz-40MHz) to penetrate the superficial layers of the skin without heating damage. The process only affects selected tissues, such as the dermis (middle skin layer where collagen-producing cells are located) and hypodermis (deepest skin layer where big collagen structures and fat tissue are located) 


The benefits of deep radio frequency treatment include loosening the skin and treating cellulite at the same time for smoother, slimmer firmer skin with one treatment. This is the essence of a radio frequency treatment: to provide deep, focused action where it is needed within the skin without causing irritation, redness or burns which can occur with other types of deep tissue treatment.

Radio Frequency treatment can penetrate the skin at exactly the right depth and layer of the skin where the deep subcutaneous fat, cellulite fat and connective tissue is located. This affects the deep collagen structures, collagen cells and fat cells resulting in deep skin tightening, cellulite reduction and topical fat loss. 


This focused action of Deep Tissue Radio frequency means that that treatment is both effective, comfortable, super safe, pain-free and requires almost no downtime. 


Here at the Advanced Skin Clinic, all our Radio frequency  treatments are based on Deep Tissue Radiofrequency. Our high-power, monopolar, resistive technology and our advanced treatment protocols allows us to provide maximum RF treatment offering you great results.


Unlike other therapies, the RF component of our treatment works exactly where it counts, i.e. on the dermis and hypodermis, where the skin supporting collagen fibres are found, for an intensive anti-ageing, firming and lifting effect. Deep collagen fibres tighten, leading to an immediate skin tightening / lifting. Circulation is significantly increased, leading to skin cell nourishment, rejuvenation and detoxification, which manifests as a fresher, more youthful looking face.

Fat cells (adipocytes) on the hypodermis are encouraged to release fat (lipolysis) and die off early (adipolysis / apoptosis) and replaced by collagen cells (fibroblasts).


If you suffer from cellulite or skin laxity on the face and body then it is is the most advanced SAFE non-surgical skin tightening and cellulite treatment available.


Radio frequency is almost none invasive and therefore is ideal after:


liposuction, smart lipo / laser lipo, mini lipo, bodytite, cellulite, tummy tuck or laser.


In order to tighten loose skin and remove residual fat lumps and cellulite after almost all cosmetic procedures.

We aim to offer you the best possible treatment combined with a direct and honest service.


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