What if I told you it takes 30 days for your skin to recover from drinking alcohol?

Who’s new year’s resolution was to stop or cut down on alcohol? *raises hand!

And who has already drunk more than they promised themselves? *sheepishly raises hand!

For me, the run up to Christmas was particularly boozy. Visiting relatives and the discovery of Baileys had me drinking more than I should every night. Very quickly this became a habit and I found myself needing that glass of wine (or Baileys!) as soon as I sat down after work. Headaches in the morning were becoming more frequent and my lack of energy started to get me down. My skin was dull and breaking out in small red aggravated pimples which is very unlike me. After one particularly heavy weekend and another wasted day nursing my ever-worsening hangover, I decided it was time for a change.

We all know the effects of drinking alcohol has on our body’s but I found it was harder to hide the effects it was having on my usually clear skin.

The Facts

Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it makes you pee more, but it also hinders the hormone vasopressin which helps you reabsorb water. So, it’s forcing water out of your system and making it harder for you to replace it. Not only is this extremely harmful to the body but dehydrated skin looks dull, tired and sallow, with more visible lines wrinkles and pores. Not to mention you could carry home your shopping in those bags under your eyes!

Alcohol also decreases the level of vitamin A in your body, and as we know vitamin A is the secret to anti-aging as it is a very powerful antioxidant which fights free radical cell damage and encourages cell turnover.

My go to everyday moisturizer is Environs AVST 5 moisturizer as it contains the highest concentration of vitamin A as well as vitamin C, powerful antioxidants, botanicals and peptides that help to hydrate restore and repair the skin.

My clients who suffer from rosacea usually say it’s aggravated after a night of drinking. This is because alcohol is a vasodilator, meaning it opens the blood vessels. If your vessels over-dilate, they can burst, leading to permanent spider veins on your face.

And to further pop your champagne bubble, the sugar content in alcohol can rival that of the junk food you consume the day after when nursing your sorry self, back to the land of the living. For example, 18.5 Oreo cookies, has the same sugar content as drinking just 5 beers! So much for the diet new year’s resolution too! Sugar also triggers the hormone IGF-1, which causes an over-production of oil in your skin and leads to inflammation. The salt found in mixed drinks leads to bloating and under eye bags.

When you have such a hormonal jolt caused by so much sugar salt carbohydrates and alcohol, it can take about a month for the hormones to level out again.

The key is to minimize the negative effects alcohol has on your skin, by being choosey about what you drink. Red wine is the best alcoholic drink you can have as it contains Resveratrol, which is a potent antioxidant. Drinking water in-between drinks will help to keep you hydrated and try not to drink on an empty stomach. Advice we all know but sometimes chose to ignore at the risk of our mums being right! But this will help keep us looking younger for longer without having to rely on other people’s “beer goggles!”

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