Beauty Myth Busted! No:1 Dehydrated Skin Means Your Not Drinking Enough Water.

"Dehydrated skin means you’re not drinking enough water!" Beauty myth busted!! - Dry or dehydrated skin doesn’t mean you are not drinking enough water. Studies have shown that drinking more water doesn’t necessarily make your skin look or feel any better. (However, we all know the benefits drinking water has on your body so keep up the good work!) Dry and dehydrated skin can be caused by several different things such as incorrect products being used for your skin type, Sun exposure, make up, diet, smoking, lack of sleep and stress, the list goes on! Its import to know if your skin is dry, dehydrated or both, before being able to address the problem. A dehydrated skin means it is lacking water in the Stratum Corneum (Top layer of the epidermis) A dry skin, is a skin type and generally refers to skin lacking in oil or lipids (fats which form the natural skin barrier which holds in moisture and keeps out dirt) So how can you tell if you have dry skin or dehydrated skin? Dry skin characteristics · Feels rough · Appears dry · Can be flaky Dehydrated skin characteristics · Looks dull · Feels tight · Fees rough · It can be sensitive · Shows fine lines · Shows accelerated signs of ageing like lines, winkles and sagging. · May have dark circles around eyes. Even an oily skin can be dehydrated because as mentioned, this is a lacking of water not oil. This can also be the cause of an oily skin type with breakouts and blocked pores because your skin tries to lubricate itself to combat the dehydration by producing excess sebum that then gets trapped under dry skin cells. A cycle that can usually be remedied easily! Book in at The Advanced Skin Clinic for a free skin consultation to determine what type of skin you have and how we can work together to get your skin on the right track!

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