Beauty Myth No:3 There is spf in my makeup, so I have sun protection"

There is spf in my makeup, so I have sun protection" • B E A U T Y M Y T H B U S T E D • Even if your foundation says it has an SPF15 30 or so on, it generally isn't enough sun protection for everyday use. In order to get the full protection from any SPF product you need to be applying at least a teaspoon to your face and neck. How many of us really apply a teaspoon of foundation to our face and neck every day? The particles in Powder foundation acts as a physical obstruction to sunlight however it still allows too much UVA and UVB through. "You would need around 17 layers of powder to get the correct amount of SPF coverage" The FDA may soon be removing all claims of cosmetics containing SPF as it is misleading and unclear to the consumer. It's important to find a sunscreen which has a broad spectrum UVA and UVB filters. I like the Environ Rad spf15 and find it's a great makeup base. I also love the Jane Iredale Dry Powder SPF30 as this can be applied over make up throughout the day to make sure you are covered! @janeiredale @environskincare #luxury #results #beauty #sun #sunscreen #sunprotection #makeup#foundation #powder #spf #sunsafe #skincare #skincaregoals#beautytips #facialist #monaco #montecarlo #southoffrance #environ#janeiredale #skinhealth #beautifulskin #love #healthyskin #flawlessskin#healthy #health

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