Have you ever noticed little white bumps under the skin that no matter how hard you squeeze they jus

Have you ever noticed little white bumps under the skin that no matter how hard you squeeze they just won’t go!?

These are not just stubborn white heads, they are known as Milia.

Milia happens when dead skin cells and keratin gets trapped in between the layers of the epidermis. They are not harmful but can be a little unsightly. Milia often appear underneath the eyes and on top of the cheekbones, but they can crop up anywhere, eyelids are another pesky area they can often be seen. It’s a really common problem that can affect anyone of any age and skin type, but it is particularly common in people with drier skin types or those with sun-damaged skin because skin cell turnover may be more sluggish.

So how can you get rid of Milia? · Cleanse twice daily with a good cleanser and a muslin cloth, double cleansing is even better. · Exfoliate regularly, AHA, BHA, at home gentle peel, you name it, get those dead skin cells sloughing off. · Daily facial massage, particularly around milia, will improve circulation and encourage it to loosen · Consider adding in a gentle retinol at night time, this will speed up skin cell turnover. (be careful around the eyes, you can get specific eye care retinols) · Think about adding hydration to a dry skin with a hyaluronic acid serum in place of a heavy moisturizer · Leave removal to the pros! – as a skincare expert, I can remove them for you. I use a sterile needle to remove Milia safely, it might be a little uncomfortable and may cause minimal redness and even slight bleeding dependent on the severity of the Mila and the area on the face being treated. Whilst there may be a little temporary redness, it’s better than permanent scarring that you may get when digging around yourself!

Remember, these are not spots caused by bacteria So don’t treat them the same! Be sure to book in for a skin consultation and to see how best to treat this skin concern!

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