Skin Hangover

SKIN HANGOVER Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year. The holidays are upon us, bringing many joyous excuses to eat, drink and drink.. (also still recovering from Halloween and my birthday!) Those of us who consumed one too many glasses (bottles) of champagne this past Thanksgiving weekend, chances are you (and your skin) are waking up just a little worse for wear. When we drink, our skin gets really dehydrated, as does the rest of our bodies. - lemon water at the ready! Time for a mini at-home facial. It's important to remove all the dryness on the skin's surface so the products can properly penetrate. I use @environskincareEnvirons Alpha Toner

Forte. Next comes a hefty layer of hyaluronic acid serum, like #focushydratingserum. After it feels like it’s absorbed, slip on your at home redness-fighting, collagen- producing RED LED Light mask and follow up with a sheet version that's been cooled down in the refrigerator for an added anti-inflammatory boost. You’d never tell you were out till 4:30 dancing on tables.... now to tell your aching body that! 😂 Happy Holidays!

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